• Help Save Crimple Valley
    New Threat To Valley
    65 Dwellings At Almsford Bank
    To East of Leeds Road
    How to help
    Help Save Crimple Valley
    New Threat To Crimple Valley
    65 Dwellings At Almsford Bank
    Object Now To Save Our
    Special Landscape Area
    How to object
  • Objections Must Be Recieved By
    19th April 2018
    Rejected By local residents
    HBC ignore residents and propose
    more houses and busineses
    How to object
    Objections Must Be Recieved By
    19th April 2018
    See Below For Details On How To Object
    Once Gone It Is Gone Forever
    How to Object

Deadline for Objections is 19th April 2018

New threat to Crimple Valley - 65 dwellings

How can you help?

Make your opinions made on the Harrogate Borough Council planning portal AND Spread the word!

Build a Strong Argument in response

Landscape Character and Setting

The development is outside current and proposed development limits. Under 2001 plan should recognise:

  1. Local distinctiveness
  2. This is a designated Special Landscape Area (SLA)
  3. The setting and approach to Harrogate
  4. Local beauty spot
  5. The need to avoid coalescence and ribbon development
  6. All the reasons given by Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) in 2016 for not allocating this precise site for housing (Site Ref: H8).


  1. Road safety: Traffic access
  2. Public right of way.


When considered alongside the emerging new Local Plan coalescence becomes inevitable.

Harrogate District Draft Local Plan: Sustainability Appraisal 2016

Site Ref H8 is the plot of land in planning application 18/00912/OUTMAJ for 65 dwellings. This land was found unsuitable for development in the Councils own Sustainability Appraisal 2016. Full details below, click image for original source.

H8: Harrogate District Draft Local Plan: Sustainability Appraisal 2016



These are some suggestions and ideas to draw on when objecting to 18/00912/OUTMAJ | Outline application for the erection of up to 65 dwellings with access considered. Almsford Bank Stables Leeds Road Harrogate HG2 8AA. Please note your comments will be publicly visible for all to read once submitted to the Council Portal. All wording must be your own.

You can also submit comments via email or postal mail. If you do this you MUST provide your full postal address or your comments will be rejected.
The website for this planning application is different from the one used to comment on the Local Plan. Please follow the instructions below.
Every individual submission counts. Please help to get the word out by sharing this page, asking other people within your household, your local friends, family and neighbours to make their views known.

How to object to the New Development

Using the Council Planning Portal

To comment on this planning application you must register with a different Council website to the Local Plan. Full details on how to register and comment below.

How to register

If you do not already have an account you need to register with the Public Access Planning Portal.

Open Planning Portal Registration Page

Follow the 7 steps in the images (right) to register with the planning portal. Click the images to view larger. Once the registration page is complete you need to login. Make sure you can remember your password.

If you do not recieve the confirmation email check your spam/junk folder. If you cannot find it do not hesitate to contact the Council at planningcomments@harrogate.gov.uk.

Login to Planning Portal

Where to comment

You must be logged into the site to comment. If you have trouble loggining in do not hesitate to contact the Council at planningcomments@harrogate.gov.uk.

We advise you draft your comment in Word or an email before posting your comment. You can then copy and paste your comment into the comment box on the application page. There is a limit of 6000 characters.

Open the planning application page by clicking the button below. Click the 'Make a comment' button. See images (right) to see the page, click to enlarge.

Direct link to the Planning Application

Comment by post

You can also submit your comments via email or post if you prefer or if have trouble with the website. However you MUST include your full name and postal address. The email address to submit comments to is planningcomments@harrogate.gov.uk.

To make comments about this application you can write to:

Harrogate Borough Council Planning Services
PO Box 787

Please Quote Application Case Number:

Latest News

Save Crimple Valley Group will be opposing the application to build 65 dwellings at Almsford Bank to the east of Leeds Road before the deadline of 13th April 2018.

The Group hopes that you will also submit an objection. We have updated our website with detail of how to object and the main arguments which you may wish to use. 

Posted on 3/20/2018

The consultation period for the Local Plan ends on 9th March 2018 at 4:30pm. This is the last opportunity to remove the Crimple Valley from the Local Plan. 

Posted on 2/1/2018

Harrogate Borough Council are holding their information event at the Wesley Chapel in Harrogate town centre on Saturday 29th July at 9.45am (Opposite McDonalds). Please go along and let the planners know your feelings regarding the proposed housing and employment development in Pannal.

Posted on 7/27/2017

* Gracious Street Methodist Hall, Knaresborough, Wednesday 26 July, 2-7pm
* Boroughbridge Library, Thursday 27 July, 2-7pm
* Wesley Centre, Harrogate, Saturday 29 July, 10am-2pm

Posted on 7/25/2017

Spring Lane Action Group - A call to meeting to discuss Local Plan Ammendments. 
Pannal and Burn Bridge Parish Council - 7pm at the Pannal Methodist Church.

Posted on 7/17/2017

The HBC Local Plan consultation will commence on 14th July. There will be a South and West of Harrogate Joint Forum at Ashville College Auditorium on Tuesday, 20th June at 7pm.

Posted on 6/19/2017

Questions raised at the Save Crimple Valley meeting on 1st November 2016:

  • Why so many groups seem to be involved? How was liaison being arranged? (see this week's Advertiser)
  • Whether the 2008 'Policy' on 40% affordable housing was factored into the current draft proposals for rural sites?
  • What is the difference between gypsies and travellers? Why not plan to put Gypsy sites on traditional Gypsy routes?
  • What is the real significance of the Plan`s inclusion of Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment [SHELAA] sites?
  • The relevance of the expansion of businesses in The Valley?
  • Whether the purchase of the some of the Valley land in 1952 contained anything that might amount to a binding restraint on the Council now allocating that land for development?
  • How to persuade the planners to listen to the local community?

Posted on 11/2/2016

The Hall was full, with many standing at the back as well. Cllr John Mann gave his apologies for not coming but County Cllr Cliff Trotter was there and spoke in the latter part of the Meeting. A number of the Parish Councillors were present including the Chairman, Howard West.

It was stressed that we all must register with the Council and write an individual letter or email in response to the Plan which comes out on Nov 11th. You can register now. All letters or email must be sent in by 23rd December 2016.

The website www.savecrimplevalley.org.uk will provide building blocks that can be used to write to the Council in response to the Plan. The outlines for your response are already there on the website and will be expanded.

Links to the Council documents are on the website. Do register and respond to the Plan

Pannal Hall meeting, 25th October 2016Pannal Hall meeting, 25th October 2016

Posted on 10/25/2016

Tuesday November 1st 2016 - Pannal Village Hall, HG3 1JG - 8pm

Plans for housing and economic development for the next 20 years have been published by Harrogate Borough Council. A PDF copy of the document relevant to Crimple Valley can be downloaded here.

The plans include threats to valley, much of which is either Special Landscape Area or Green Belt. For the past two decades this Group has sought to protect the valley and to mitigate the effects of adverse development.

If we are to face the challenges of the future the Group will need new blood as well as younger members and to seek to achieve these we will hold an Emergency General Meeting at 8pm on Tuesday November 1st in Pannal Village Hall near the railway station. It would help if you could let us know you are coming by emailing info@savecrimplevalley.org.uk but please feel free to turn up on the day.

The meeting will be open to all - we look forward to seeing you!

Posted on 10/1/2016

After a quiet spell several issues affecting the valley have surfaced and, by coincidence, all of them affect the middle part of the valley in the Leeds Road area and all of them seek to emphasise their impact on the valley rather than blending into the valley.

Firstly the garden centres on Leeds Road have been combined and have announced development proposals which will have a material effect on the Special Landscape Area. The first planning application, which was for imposing access, walling, lighting and car parking, was withdrawn and is expected to be resubmitted. A Change of Use planning application, to permit a restaurant at the former Brookside Nursery has been submitted and is now under consideration.

Secondly the Mercedes-Benz garage on Leeds Road is seeking to extend its site by 25 metres to the north, to rebuild the workshop and provide an additional 129 parking spaces

Thirdly the formal examination of the new Local Plan has been announced and in the next 2 months the appointed inspector will be reviewing the soundness of proposed sites and policies. One of the proposed sites, known as HS 6(a), is to designate the land opposite the Mercedes-Benz garage as a district sport centre. Such a proposal raises several issues including

  • A: the soundness of the site selection having regard to other policies
  • B: the alternative availability of the sports facilities adjacent to the Dunlopillo site and the former police training college
  • C: the size and impact of the proposed HS6(a) site which is proposed to extend beyond the Crimple Beck

If you have any views on the above issues or if you would like further information please contact the Chairman or Secretary.

Posted on 4/2/2014

About Save Crimple Valley

The Crimple Valley is part of a special landscape area which rings the southern fringes of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It takes its name from the Crimple Beck which, in turn, in the 1950's lent its name to an ICI fabric - 'Crimplene'

The Valley is spanned by a handsome Victorian railway viaduct, which is a listed monument and a focal point. The land is mainly agricultural and well served with attractive walks which allow many to enjoy this local beauty spot.

Proposals to introduce developments, such as a supermarket, into the valley led to the formation in the early 1990's of a Save Crimple Valley Campaign.

A proposal in the 1997 Local Plan to relocate the local Rugby Club in the centre of the valley with a massive stadium and car parking for over 700 vehicles produced many objections . This led to an increase in the membership to 650 of the Save Crimple Valley group.

The group was successful in convincing the Inspector at the Public Inquiry that it had no opposition either to rugby or to the Rugby Club but that the special landscape features of the area should be preserved.

The committee keeps an eye on the planning applications and the use of the land in the Valley- the golf clubs, the gardens centres and nurseries, the garages and showrooms, etc..

We work with Pannal Village Society and the Harrogate Civic Society on these consultations.

Special Landscape Area

This Special Landscape Area is extremely attractive and provides a very strong landscape structure and preserved consistency. The area as a whole comprises exceptional quality landscape as well as being important to the setting of the town.

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