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April 2014

After a quiet spell several issues affecting the valley have surfaced and, by coincidence, all of them affect the middle part of the valley in the Leeds Road area and all of them seek to emphasise their impact on the valley rather than blending into the valley.

Firstly the garden centres on Leeds Road have been combined and have announced development proposals which will have a material effect on the Special Landscape Area. The first planning application, which was for imposing access, walling, lighting and car parking, was withdrawn and is expected to be resubmitted. A Change of Use planning application, to permit a restaurant at the former Brookside Nursery has been submitted and is now under consideration.

Secondly the Mercedes-Benz garage on Leeds Road is seeking to extend its site by 25 metres to the north, to rebuild the workshop and provide an additional 129 parking spaces

Thirdly the formal examination of the new Local Plan has been announced and in the next 2 months the appointed inspector will be reviewing the soundness of proposed sites and policies. One of the proposed sites, known as HS 6(a), is to designate the land opposite the Mercedes-Benz garage as a district sport centre. Such a proposal raises several issues including
[a] the soundness of the site selection having regard to other policies
[b] the alternative availability of the sports facilities adjacent to the Dunlopillo site and the former police training college
[c] the size and impact of the proposed HS6(a) site which is proposed to extend beyond the Crimple Beck

If you have any views on the above issues or if you would like further information please contact the Chairman or Secretary.